MavCARD Frequently Asked Questions

How we will use your photo image
The digital photo image that you submit via this Website will be used to produce your MavCARD. The MavCARD is proof of identity and is used for University purposes only. The government-issued Photo ID image you submit will be deleted as soon as your photo has been reviewed.

Is there a charge for the MavCARD?
There is no charge for your first MavCARD.

How long will it take once my MavCARD photo is submitted?
You will receive your MavCARD in the mail before attending campus in August. Be sure to activate it and bring it with you!.

What is the largest photo file size I can upload?

What photo file types do you accept?

What happens if the photo I supply does not meet the requirements specified by the MavCARD Office?
You will receive an email indicating the reason why the photo is not acceptable and will have to either re‐upload another picture. You will also have to upload another image of your ID since they are permanently deleted after each image is reviewed.

Contact the MavCARD Office